7 Unique Garden Bench Plans to Add Personality to Your Environment

Rather than going down to your local big box store and buying a bench for your garden or patio that millions of others already have, try expressing your personal style by building one of these fabulous outdoor seats that are full of unique personality.  Your home will definitely be better for it and more reflective of the specific people who inhabit it.

Some of these pieces require a fair amount of skill or experience, but others are approachable even for the inexperienced (you might want to try the twig seat or cobblestone and wood bench).  If your woodworking experience is basic then check out this list of simple outdoor benches you might want to try instead.  For the truly adventurous, considering designing your own unique work of art.  See these examples of amazing bench designs at Web Urbanist to get inspired.  Either way, the results do not need to be perfect to add a huge amount of charm and unique character to your environment.

Just go for it and don’t settle for mundane when you could enhance your environmental with your own handmade piece of functional art.

If you’re handy with a chainsaw, attempt this beautiful Chainsaw Log garden bench  from Popular Mechanics and express your inner MichaelAngelo.
A beautiful zen-like “Contemplation Bench” from Woodcraft.
Cobblestone and wood bench from HGTV.
This unique twig table could easily be adapted into a bench.  Made from branches and twigs and costing next to nothing, you could have a seat that the neighbors definitely won’t have!
This one is not specific bench plans but for inspiration.  This bench made from different chairs would be great fun to reinterpret!  If creating a similar design for outdoors, seal all parts thoroughly with a weather resistant finish or use weather resistant woods. low-tech-diy-art-bench
An easy-to-build bench from Lowe’s that demonstrates how creative you can be while using standard parts from your local home improvement store.  Use appropriate finishes or weather resistant wood when planning to use bench outside. This easy-to-build bench works great in indoor and outdoor spaces.
Here are several creative ideas for simple garden seatsfrom Las Pilitas Nursery.  Sometimes simpler is better and can add tons of character to your landscape. Put the bench in the garden and let the flowers grow over it.